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Organic herbal teas that nourish your body, nurture your mind + support you to thrive naturally

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Roasted Dandi-Chai

Our Roasted Dandelion Chai is a caffeine-free blend of aromatic spices that have been used for centuries to promote vibrant health.


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Rise + Shine - anti-inflammatory tea - Mind + Body Teas

Rise & Shine (our tea for inflammation)

A fruity, antioxidant-rich tea to help reduce inflammation, heal and refresh. Rise + Shine is your morning sunrise in a cup!

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Teas for your tummy

Whether your upset tummy is from food sensitivites, stress or other digestive issues, we have a gentle range of teas that help soothe pains and ease those gurgles.

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Teas for skin and detoxing

Skin Glow tea is our premier herbal blend for skin, however we also have several other tea blends that
will also support your overall skin health.

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Teas to support your immune system

These are our top herbal blends for supporting a healthy immune system, and giving your body the extra boost it needs when you are feeling unwell.

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Teas for stress & anxiety

We have several teas to help calm your busy mind, ground you and replenish you when you are feeling depleted.

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Teas for sleep

Blissful Slumber is our premier herbal tea to help you relax and unwind; take a moment to breathe deeply and sip gently before sliding into dreamland.

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Teas for menstrual support

Find Your Flow tea is our premier tea for women and may ease symptoms of menstrual tension, and heavy bleeding, ease anxiety and hot flushes in older women.

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Linda pours so much knowledge and love into her teas. Her beautiful organic herbal blends are calming, soothing, restoring and nurturing to the body. There are so many amazing properties in each of the different teas. Every cup is a treat and a pleasure to drink.
I love how pretty the jars look on my bench. I don’t think I could ever go to another brand of loose leaf tea. Every sip is delightful!

Esther Eyb

I have been loving my teas from Mind +Body Teas! The flavour is so fresh and tantalising - just the way tea should taste! My favourite at the moment is Inner Peace, it is such a delicious, aromatic journey. What I appreciate just as much as the tea is the care and attention given to each blend - it’s easy to see that there is a sincere attention to detail and I love supporting local business that cares this much about their product. If you are a tea lover then you want to try the teas from Mind + Body Tea!

Claudia Scalisi - Claudia Scalisi Wellness Lifestyle Coach

Skin Glow is the tea you didn't realise you needed. A concoction of herbs, including rose, it presents as the most beautiful pink colour, and that alone is a reason to add it to your daily ritual. Skin Glow (I believe) really does give you a glow, and we could all do with a little of that right now (Covid lockdown!) I brew mine in a large teapot and sip both warm and cool throughout the day.

Laura O'Toole - Nutritionist, Simple Nutrients