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Small, healthy changes each day can transform your life

Welcome! I'm so excited you've stopped by.  

Thank you for making time in your day to visit my website and take a moment for yourself. Our time is one of the most precious things we have in life so let's make this moment count.  

My blog is a space where I will share with you the amazing healing power of herbs, delicious recipes, home remedies, and some simple life hacks that will support you on your journey to better health.

Before we launch into all these exciting topics let me introduce myself - just so we're not strangers.

I’m Linda, I live in Newcastle, Australia with my hubby and two children. I love nothing better than watching the sun rise over Merewether Beach with a coffee in hand (yep I drink coffee as well as my herbal brews) and flossing is my dance move of choice. 

Sunrise over Merewether Beach

There was a time where the life I was living was unsustainable. I was constantly on the go, rarely stopped for a moment and a varied diet to me consisted of coffee, wine and different flavoured pizzas! One day it all came to a head, and I was forced for the first time to experience life in the slow lane. I have never looked back.

I immersed myself in books and courses in nutrition and herbal medicine. My research into plant-based and traditional diets, the art of fermentation and food combining led me to discover the incredible healing power of our plant kingdom. I no longer saw my herbs as garnish, but as my natural medicine cabinet!

Fast-forward 10 years, and my kitchen cupboards have been transformed into an apothecary of wonderful healing herbs and homemade remedies. When my family have health complaints I reach for these natural alternatives, knowing they will work with the body to heal rather than mask the problems (don't get me wrong - there's always a place for both options) but it is really empowering to have healthy alternatives. 

herbal apothecary

I tell you all this to reassure you, I've been there too ... at the very beginning of the health journey. It can feel overwhelming but stay with me here as it can also be fun, exciting and liberating when you begin feeling healthier, stronger and more vibrant. After all - we were born to feel this way! Wherever you are on your health journey, remember that

small, healthy
changes each day
can transform
your life. 

My hope is that this blog inspires you to begin taking small steps to a healthier you.

For now, I invite you to think about one small thing you can do today. You could take a few minutes to breathe deeply, or walk barefoot on grass, make yourself a cup of herbal tea, or simply close your eyes and be present in this moment - it is a gift, my friend. 

Love & healing vibes
Linda x